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Watch Formula 1 Live Streaming | Grand Prix 2017 Live Stream

It was a great ending for Formula 2016 championship in the previous year of 2016. But, Again with the full enthusiasm to serve our viewers, we are back with the series of Formula One Races in this 2017. In 2017, the F1 Schedule will hold 20 Formula 1 Grand Prix events, which has been approved by the FIA. 2017 will hold a number of races one less than the 2016 schedule. Same as the trend Australian Grand Prix and Monaco Grand Prix will be the center of attraction for the viewers. European Grand Prix has also been a part of the great history of Formula 1 series. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as always will be the great event on the circuit.

What is Formula One Championship?

Formula One is also known as Formula 1 and officially the FIA Formula One World Championship. It is the highest class or I must say ultimate shell class of single-seat auto racing that is organized and overlooked by Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). The Formula One World Championship has been the most amusing form of racing series since its inaugural in 1950. 

History of Formula One

Formula One World Championship started in 1950 and was held regularly until 1983. The "Formula" word in the name itself refers to the set of rules noted by the FIA, to which each participating Car and Drivers must follow. The F1 season consists of a series of races known as Grand Prix which mean Grand Prizes(In French). All the races in the Formula One and Grand Prix Season are held worldwide on the purpose-built F1-circuits and public roads.

How Winner is Determined in Grand Prix

The results of each race are evaluated using the points system to determine the two annual World Championships, One for Drivers and the other one for Constructors.
The Drivers as the participants in the Formula One series must adhere to the Super Licences, which is the highest class of racing license issued by FIA.

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Formula One Circuits | F1 Tracks

The races take place either on the purpose built tracks or on the public roads. The races are required to held on the Grade 1 tracks (formerly known as Formula A), The grades are allotted to tracks by the norms of FIA. The highest grades a track can receive is Grade A. 
Most Events take place on purpose-built tracks, but several events like Monaco Grand Prix take place in the city centers throughout the world.

Formula One Cars are the fastest cars on this planet Earth.
These cars are the fastest road racing cars in the world. There are many parameters on which the cars are to be perfectly designed. Cars in Formula One owes very high-speed specific through the generations of large amounts of Aerodynamic Downforce and many similar aspects.

Grand Prix Championships Live | GP Live Stream

Grand Prix itself means Grand Prize in french. This Formula One World Championship takes place across the whole year worldwide. The number of Grand Prix Championships held in a season has varied over the years since it started. In inaugural year i.e 1950, seven races were held where in comparison to 2016 twenty-one races were held, which drew millions of audience and viewers from all around the globe.
Throughout the first decade of starting, only 10 races were held throughout the year. These number of races increased from 10 to 17 in 1970's and simultaneously many other non-championship events also take place. The number of races comparatively increased from 2000's. In 2016 it has been the record of a maximum number of races till date in a single season of Formula One World Championship.
The most popular Grand Prix event i.e Monaco Grand Prix, first held in 1929 and ran continuously since 1955 with growing number of audience every year. It is one of the most important and prestigious automobile races in the world.

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